About Union Salaries EXPO$ED

It has long been understood that labor union leaders are out to protect the interests of their members. 

Or are they?

This website is dedicated to promoting facts over union-generated fiction and will detail the salaries of some of the high profile union bosses in Massachusetts. 

All financial content contained on this site is extracted from legally required disclosures to the U.S. Department of Labor that unions must make each year and are public record.
The Purpose of this Site

  • To provide the public with factual data supplied by union leaders about their salaries
  • To educate the public and policy makers
  • To illustrate the connection between union bosses' salaries and union members' dues
  • To make public criminal cases of theft of union members' dues by union officials, according to the U.S. Department of Labor

Which unions did we investigate and why

This site investigated the salaries of construction union officials between 2007 through 2009, a period known as the Great Recession, when construction work showed significant signs of slowing, eventually leading to the bottom falling out of the construction industry in 2009.   In many cases, 2009 is the most recent data available for many of these unions. 

During this period, we analyzed the salaries of eight unions:

These eight unions alone employ approximately 227 people with job titles ranging from business agents, organizers, or field representatives who also serve as lobbyists at the state and local levels and whose sole purpose is to influence public policy that ensures taxes and dues dollars flow into union coffers. 

Union Salaries EXPO$ED
Construction union membership down:

Membership in the construction trade unions is down 24.3 percent.  According to www.unionstats.com, membership in the building trades union in Massachusetts plummeted in 2010, down to 15.6 percent of the industry�s workforce. 

This is down 5 points from 2009, where union members comprised 20.6 percent of the workforce. For more information, click here and and go to: II. State: Union Membership, Coverage, Density, and Employment by State and Sector, 1983-2010)

Fast Fact

Of the eight unions reviewed, in 2007 the paid staff took home salaries totaling $19,086,231, paid for with the dues of their members.  The bosses' of the eight unions that were analyzed had their salaries increase a whopping 21% over three years, totaling $23,147,202 in 2009.
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